Returning Battlestar Galactica, thou hath confused the shit out of me...

Okay, so Earth is not so good. Let's everybody have a meltdown all at once, especially the leaders. Adama, you are scary. I never thought I'd say that but you really made me uncomfortable with your drunk mini-breakdown there. Tigh, you're still as frightening as always. So Ellen is the last Cylon? Isn't that a bit anti-climactic? Now let me get this straight. Cylons lived on Earth and created humans? Surely I don't have that straight, I'm missing a piece of the puzzle. Starbuck really is dead because she found her ship and bones and dogtags which was actually the most interesting part of the show. Please let everyone pull themselves out of their funk before next Friday.

I had to watch my recorded The Clone Wars to cheer myself up.

It's about time something good's on TV...

Last week was kind of skimpy as far as good TV, well, except for that Battlestar Galactica show that I watched again just so I could be traumatized by the ending. I've been taping stuff since I can't get home to watch at a decent time and then fall asleep every time I sit down.

The Closer is back on! I LOVE Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda. I even like the red lipstick.

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I missed Saving Grace last week, the premiere show I think and never did catch the rerun. I still don't understand how I can enjoy the show so much and still think Grace is the trashiest tramp I've ever seen. And I'm sick on her co-workers either bedding her or petting on her. She's a grown woman, get a grip on life.

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Why do I watch this show? I don't like her. Am I hoping I'm wrong and she'll one day have the backbone to be a mature woman and stop making a mess of everything around her? Am I hoping she'll get punished for her antics?

I need to find the switch to adjust my brain...

Well, I began the day in a determined mood to enjoy it, take my time in doing what I needed to do, and just basically have everything run if not smoothly at least a little less bumpy than usual. But here it is halfway through the day and I feel ready to jump out of my skin. It's a good thing I don't have work today cause my mind just won't do as it's meant to do.

Anyway, I went back to the grocery store to pick up those things I forgot when I went earlier in the week, forgot my list so had to roll up and down each aisle so hopefully I wouldn't miss anything. Prices had gone up on several things I usually get, not even the big name brand stuff but the store brand. And the sale just didn't quite cover much of anything we buy regularly. Do people really eat all these frozen microwaveable meals and snacks and nick-nacks? Somebody, somewhere must because they certainly seem to sell a lot of it. Not that it's my place to tell anybody what to eat but you can make something similar and with fresher ingredients for the same price or less. I forgot to get another bottle of ibuprofen and that's the only thing that works for me so I'll probably end up with a killer headache since I don't have any, you know how that goes.

And the house feels hot even though the AC's running a lot but I think it's just me, I've always been hot-natured. Of course, the other choice is the AC actually isn't cooling as it should but I really don't like that choice so we'll ignore it for now.

I just I've had too much caffeine but I've actually had less today. I'm just flickering off and on like an old flashlight.

Think good thoughts, think good thoughts...

I got some good reviews at starwarsficfest for my story. I need to answer those but think I'll wait until later this evening.

Surrender, OT Star Wars, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Firmus Piett, Mara Jade, Rated PG

I wrote this for starwarsficfest. It's been a while since I wrote anything but this prompt tempted me somehow so I wrote the story this afternoon. :)

July 13 - OT: Luke, Vader, others (Mara a plus): AU; what if Luke had accepted Vader's offer to rule at his side?: "too high a price"

Title: Surrender
Author: jacens_heart
Characters: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Firmus Piett
Rating: Rated PG
Word Count: around 3040
Disclaimers: Don’t own characters, don’t make any money from them.
Summary: Instead of taking that crazy leap off the gantry, an injured Luke surrenders to Vader. Then somebody comes along to complicate things.

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Shadows of Mindor, communities, books...

I posted some information earlier at shadowsofmindor. The release date of Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor has been swapped with that of James Luceno's Millennium Falcon. Which means December instead of October, disappointing because I've waited a long time already for this book. I also posted the back cover of the book which shows Lord Shadowspawn, a very creepy/violent looking guy who looks like he's some kind of samarai. Poor Luke.

I also read with interest several posts at theclonewars. I'm starting to get very excited about this film and TV show, especially after watching the trailers several times. :) I'm disappointed though that Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor won't be doing the voices of Anakin and Obi-Wan. That would have helped make it more realistic. There are several Iron Man communities around, though I was more interested in those for the film than the comics. I found ironmanfans and ironmanicons. thecrystalskull is an Indiana Jones community.

There's a new used bookstore in town but I keep forgetting to stop by and check it out. There are several Star Wars books I don't have and I'm always on the lookout for new mysteries. I'd love to have all of Nevada Barr's books too.

The Supernatual rerun tonight is the "Bedtime Stories" episode. I saw it and then watched it again because we had recorded it, so I guess it won't be too tragic if I don't get back home in time to see it. Though it's not really Thursday, is it, without a dose of Dean and Sammy. :)

Spending time with movies and cleaning...

Anybody seen the Panda movie? We're thinking about seeing it one day this week. It looks funny...
I am really enjoying all this time off I've gotten this month.

We've mostly watched films on satelite this week...Cloverfield, The Golden Compass, and The Water Horse. Cloverfield was good though I got kind of dizzy after a while with the camera view thing that was used. And the film seemed short. The Golden Compass was a BEAUTIFUL looking film, if a bit confusing at times. I've never read the's English, right?...but I'd like to now just to clarify a few things. The girl who played the lead character was very talented and the special effects were amazing with all the magnificent scenery and the animals, the daemons, who had speaking parts. I think though that out of these three that I enjoyed The Water Horse the best. There was just something about it, it reminded me of the old Disney shows I watched on Sunday evenings when I was little.

I've been going through boxes and boxes of things that have been stored forever in the shed. At one time something, rats I think or mice, got into a lot of it and ruined things. I didn't see any evidence of a current infestation but sprayed everything anyway and put out bait. Now I have to tackle the closets in the house, one big closet and a couple of smaller ones, plus the mess in what was once a dining room but somehow over the years ended up as storage.