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Feb. 24th, 2009


It really feels strange to be home on a Tuesday...

I still can't believe they gave us Fat Tuesday off. I don't even know what to do with myself which is why I'm sitting here with a towel on my head and reading fanfiction. I found several good stories at theclonewars and a couple more through jedi_news. I think my lazy time is over with though, I need to run several errands and pick up some food.

Feb. 4th, 2009


Isn't there anything more important to talk about?

Oh my God, if the media think Jessica is fat, they should take a walk down Anystreet, USA. She's not even big enough to be considered "average." Please find something else to talk about. And NOT Michael Phelps 'cause I'm already disillusioned.

Jan. 16th, 2009


Returning Battlestar Galactica, thou hath confused the shit out of me...

Okay, so Earth is not so good. Let's everybody have a meltdown all at once, especially the leaders. Adama, you are scary. I never thought I'd say that but you really made me uncomfortable with your drunk mini-breakdown there. Tigh, you're still as frightening as always. So Ellen is the last Cylon? Isn't that a bit anti-climactic? Now let me get this straight. Cylons lived on Earth and created humans? Surely I don't have that straight, I'm missing a piece of the puzzle. Starbuck really is dead because she found her ship and bones and dogtags which was actually the most interesting part of the show. Please let everyone pull themselves out of their funk before next Friday.

I had to watch my recorded The Clone Wars to cheer myself up.

Jan. 15th, 2009


Curse you Smallville for finding Sam Witwer and forcing me to watch the show again...

I had thought nothing could tempt me back to watching Smallville, especially since Lex was gone. Then someone exceptionally bright took a good look at The Force Unleashed's Sam Witwer and hired him for the doomed part of Doomsday.

Jul. 23rd, 2008


It's about time something good's on TV...

Last week was kind of skimpy as far as good TV, well, except for that Battlestar Galactica show that I watched again just so I could be traumatized by the ending. I've been taping stuff since I can't get home to watch at a decent time and then fall asleep every time I sit down.

The Closer is back on! I LOVE Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda. I even like the red lipstick.

Anyways, Brenda had a big fire in the hills...Collapse )

I missed Saving Grace last week, the premiere show I think and never did catch the rerun. I still don't understand how I can enjoy the show so much and still think Grace is the trashiest tramp I've ever seen. And I'm sick on her co-workers either bedding her or petting on her. She's a grown woman, get a grip on life.

And of course we start off with naked bodies and progress to food-covered nasty naked bodies...ewwwwwww....Collapse )

Why do I watch this show? I don't like her. Am I hoping I'm wrong and she'll one day have the backbone to be a mature woman and stop making a mess of everything around her? Am I hoping she'll get punished for her antics?

Jul. 17th, 2008


I need to find the switch to adjust my brain...

Well, I began the day in a determined mood to enjoy it, take my time in doing what I needed to do, and just basically have everything run if not smoothly at least a little less bumpy than usual. But here it is halfway through the day and I feel ready to jump out of my skin. It's a good thing I don't have work today cause my mind just won't do as it's meant to do.

Anyway, I went back to the grocery store to pick up those things I forgot when I went earlier in the week, forgot my list so had to roll up and down each aisle so hopefully I wouldn't miss anything. Prices had gone up on several things I usually get, not even the big name brand stuff but the store brand. And the sale just didn't quite cover much of anything we buy regularly. Do people really eat all these frozen microwaveable meals and snacks and nick-nacks? Somebody, somewhere must because they certainly seem to sell a lot of it. Not that it's my place to tell anybody what to eat but you can make something similar and with fresher ingredients for the same price or less. I forgot to get another bottle of ibuprofen and that's the only thing that works for me so I'll probably end up with a killer headache since I don't have any, you know how that goes.

And the house feels hot even though the AC's running a lot but I think it's just me, I've always been hot-natured. Of course, the other choice is the AC actually isn't cooling as it should but I really don't like that choice so we'll ignore it for now.

I just feel...weird...like I've had too much caffeine but I've actually had less today. I'm just flickering off and on like an old flashlight.

Think good thoughts, think good thoughts...

I got some good reviews at starwarsficfest for my story. I need to answer those but think I'll wait until later this evening.

Jul. 13th, 2008


Surrender, OT Star Wars, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Firmus Piett, Mara Jade, Rated PG

I wrote this for starwarsficfest. It's been a while since I wrote anything but this prompt tempted me somehow so I wrote the story this afternoon. :)

July 13 - OT: Luke, Vader, others (Mara a plus): AU; what if Luke had accepted Vader's offer to rule at his side?: "too high a price"

Title: Surrender
Author: jacens_heart
Characters: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Firmus Piett
Rating: Rated PG
Word Count: around 3040
Disclaimers: Don’t own characters, don’t make any money from them.
Summary: Instead of taking that crazy leap off the gantry, an injured Luke surrenders to Vader. Then somebody comes along to complicate things.

SurrenderCollapse )

Jun. 19th, 2008


Shadows of Mindor, communities, books...

I posted some information earlier at shadowsofmindor. The release date of Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor has been swapped with that of James Luceno's Millennium Falcon. Which means December instead of October, disappointing because I've waited a long time already for this book. I also posted the back cover of the book which shows Lord Shadowspawn, a very creepy/violent looking guy who looks like he's some kind of samarai. Poor Luke.

I also read with interest several posts at theclonewars. I'm starting to get very excited about this film and TV show, especially after watching the trailers several times. :) I'm disappointed though that Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor won't be doing the voices of Anakin and Obi-Wan. That would have helped make it more realistic. There are several Iron Man communities around, though I was more interested in those for the film than the comics. I found ironmanfans and ironmanicons. thecrystalskull is an Indiana Jones community.

There's a new used bookstore in town but I keep forgetting to stop by and check it out. There are several Star Wars books I don't have and I'm always on the lookout for new mysteries. I'd love to have all of Nevada Barr's books too.

The Supernatual rerun tonight is the "Bedtime Stories" episode. I saw it and then watched it again because we had recorded it, so I guess it won't be too tragic if I don't get back home in time to see it. Though it's not really Thursday, is it, without a dose of Dean and Sammy. :)

Jun. 17th, 2008


Spending time with movies and cleaning...

Anybody seen the Panda movie? We're thinking about seeing it one day this week. It looks funny...
I am really enjoying all this time off I've gotten this month.

We've mostly watched films on satelite this week...Cloverfield, The Golden Compass, and The Water Horse. Cloverfield was good though I got kind of dizzy after a while with the camera view thing that was used. And the film seemed short. The Golden Compass was a BEAUTIFUL looking film, if a bit confusing at times. I've never read the story...it's English, right?...but I'd like to now just to clarify a few things. The girl who played the lead character was very talented and the special effects were amazing with all the magnificent scenery and the animals, the daemons, who had speaking parts. I think though that out of these three that I enjoyed The Water Horse the best. There was just something about it, it reminded me of the old Disney shows I watched on Sunday evenings when I was little.

I've been going through boxes and boxes of things that have been stored forever in the shed. At one time something, rats I think or mice, got into a lot of it and ruined things. I didn't see any evidence of a current infestation but sprayed everything anyway and put out bait. Now I have to tackle the closets in the house, one big closet and a couple of smaller ones, plus the mess in what was once a dining room but somehow over the years ended up as storage.

Jun. 15th, 2008


Oh my, things are upside down...

Battlestar Galactica is seriously fucking with my head.

Spoilers.......RevelationsCollapse )

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all those real dads out there! Being a father doesn't make you a dad, how you take care of your family and being there when your kids need you and letting them know you love them is what makes you a dad.

I lost my dad years and years ago to a heart attack. He was a strange person and he and my mom were divorced for a few years before he died. There were a lot of things he could have done better. He thought we'd be better off without him, I disagree, but that's how things worked out. He was very ill the last few months he lived, mentally ill, and that was hard to deal with. But you know, I still knew he loved me and my siblings and though he wasn't there for us that often, it does help knowing that he did love us.

Jun. 12th, 2008


Supernatural, Jared & Jensen, cancelled TV shows, Hulk previews...

*Mild spoilers for Supernatural*

I've been reading Supernatural info on some of the websites. There are no big spoilers yet for it. Dean will get back from hell though there seems to be speculation that some time might have passed when he does...I'm assuming that means more than just a few months or so. Who knows what Sam will get into without Dean or in what kind of emotional shape he'll be in. Ruby is supposed to be back but not Bela and not Jo. I'm assuming Bobby will be but nothing's been said about Ellen. Anyway, Dean's suppose to be "changed" which sounds a little scary because I like the character as he is but it wouldn't be realistic if he hadn't considering his horrible ordeal. Nothing much is being said yet about particulars for any of the episodes, hopefully we'll get a full season this time. The Season 3 DVD is out September 2.

I was reading about Jared Padalecki's new film Friday the 13th where he plays the main victim. I was thinking it would be out later this year but the release date's not until February 2009. Isn't Jensen Ackles making a horror film too? I never did see Jensen's Ten Inch Hero movie, what happened to it?

I found out Canterbury's Law and Journeyman have definitely been cancelled which is a damn shame. But Moonlight also and that was more shocking because I thought it got decent ratings even in that killer Friday night timeslot they had it in. And I know there's a huge fan base for it. I'm running out of things to watch. I don't care for the reality shows or the game type shows. I don't often watch comedies. Dramas and mysteries and cop shows and sci-fi have always been my thing.

Have you seen the previews of the new Incredible Hulk movie? He looks fake. Which I know it's hard to make something like that look real but the Hulk just sticks out like a sore thumb, worse than in the Hulk movie from a few years ago. At least it looked that way on the previews, maybe it'll be better in the actual film. Maybe. Liv Tyler's in it, I didn't realize that at first.

Jun. 10th, 2008


Invincible complaining, missing TV shows...

I keep picking up Invincible and looking at it and putting it back down. I've read most of it, in bits and pieces. It's not that it's not written well but I'm just unhappy with how much of the storyline was resolved...or maybe I should say unresolved. I just can't see how any purpose was served by ending it that way...with a fizzle and a chunk of the readers unhappy with it. Now I'm curious about this Millennium Falcon novel that's suppose to be set a couple of years afterwards and featuring Han, Leia, and Allana. Allana has been renamed as Amelia. Amelia?! That just does not fit. I'm hoping some of the unresolved things will be addressed in this book but a friend of mine said he heard it's to be a not-so-serious book, a book trying to get that "happy/hopeful" feeling from the OT.

And where are all my favorite shows? Has everything I like been cancelled? I know Supernatural is going to be back, but what about Moonlight, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Eli Stone, Life, Canterbury's Law, and Journeyman? I know K-Ville and Cane were cancelled months ago. Every new show I liked has disappeared.

Jun. 5th, 2008


Indiana Jones and Iron Man...

We've already hit the evening movie shows twice this week...Indiana Jones and Iron Man. I knew I'd enjoy the first one but Iron Man was an unexpected delight...I want to see it again. Tony Stark is such a flawed man but so brilliant and Robert Downey, Jr. made me like the character when I never did as a kid reading all the Marvel comics. Surprising chemistry between Downey and Gweneth Paltrow too. Indiana Jones was good, Harrison Ford is always great. I got tired of the Nazi thing though. But the only thing that irritated the shit out of me was that scene with Mutt and the monkeys, that was unnecesary and silly.

Only half a day to work today!

We're invited over to friends this evening for food and swimming. Me swimming...yeah, that'll scare everything away. But it's a have to go thing, they're good friends and rarely entertain so I think their feelings would be hurt if we didn't go.

Jun. 1st, 2008


Sunday morning and lazy...

Is it June already? That's too quick, I didn't get to stop and enjoy the spring enough! I live in the south so it starts heating up very quickly in June, by July and August it's heatstroke weather.

I mowed yesterday, chopped at all the mess that's been allowed to grow up along one side of the yard, and planted a few more things. Then everything had to have a drink, including me. :)

I'm hoping today will be nice and quiet, so surprises, no unexpected company, no forgotten things remembered...just slow and quiet.

May. 24th, 2008


Are you sure it's Saturday?

The morning's flying by too quick, I slept until 7:30 which is late for me and have been alternating reading Sue Henry's Degrees of Separation and browsing communities here at LJ, still not feeling good about the LOTF ending and see that a lot of others feel the same way.

I did a new post at shadowsofmindor about a new blurb at starwars.com. Check it out if you get a chance. I've got my hopes pinned on getting the real Luke Skywalker back in this upcoming novel.

The Sue Henry book I'm reading, Degrees of Separation, is about her long-running character Jessie Arnold who lives in Alaska and trains sled dog teams. It's a mystery and there's always some kind of crime for Jessie to solve. But the characters are always interesting and the location too and so I always like curling up with one of these books.

I've just finished Nevada Barr's latest, Winter Study, a couple of days ago but was surprised I didn't like it as much as previous ones. There was a claustrophobic feel to it with them practically being trapped at a park (the lead character Anna is a park ranger and usually is in a different park in every book) near one of the Great Lakes during winter. And Anna seemed much more vulnerable and slightly out of character in this one and that didn't sit too well with me.

And I have a family party to get to a 3:00 this afternoon and I am NOT in a party and socializing mood. I'm in a hermit mood. A stay in out of the sticky heat and no-I-don't-want-a-piece-of-birthday-cake mood.

May. 11th, 2008


Talking about the new Legacy of the Force book...

I've been off reading spoilers about the new Invincible book, the last in the Legacy of the Force series. It's not suppose to be out until Tuesday but apparently in some places it was shelved early and fans got hold of copies. It's kind of depressing...more hereCollapse )

Apr. 26th, 2008


Lying around and watching TV...

Well, one good thing about being sick is I get to lay around and see all kinds of TV. So far this morning I've watched I am Legend and One Missed Call. Both good, the first a little depressing but then there's no getting around that because of the particular story. One Missed Call is...well, I don't know if you'd call it a mystery or a horror movie...horror I suppose but it's not nearly as gory as some of them are. Shannyn Sossamon who is Coraline on Moonlight played Beth and the police detective looked familiar but I don't remember what I've seen him on.

At least I can breathe better today but my ribs and chest hurt from all the coughing I did the past two days, hopefully the worst is over with.

Apr. 25th, 2008


Shadows of Mindor cover

I am so miserable...I hurt all over, even my teeth hurt. I have Vicks salve smeared on my nose...now you know I feel bad if I did that.

I posted the official cover of Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor at shadowsofmindor earlier today, check it out and see what you think. Personally I think the body looked young but the face belonged to a man pushing 40, not in his 20's, I'm talking about the Luke on the cover. Maybe using the Force ages the Jedi too and not just the users of the dark side. I mean, look at Obi-Wan in the OT.

Mar. 30th, 2008



I've been reading a Faye Kellerman mystery...or are they considered detective?...novel, The Burnt House. I haven't read one of her books in years but now I thinnk I'll go back and catch the ones I missed. It's about the characters Peter and his wife Rina, he's a detective (or maybe he's ranked higher than that now, I don't remember, and I think she used to sometimes help him solve the crimes he was investigating. But this book is good, a plane crashes into an apartment house and everything burns and was a flight attendent on the plane or not and who is the unidentified body found that may already have been hidden in the building before the crash. I haven't gotten too far yet but it's a good story so far.

Jan. 1st, 2008


Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008...is it really? That doesn't seem possible. Yesterday it was 2000. It's getting a little scary how time passes by so quickly for me now.

Let's see...I should do some resolutions, right?

1. Don't criticize people, it does no good anyway.

2. Stop frowning and maybe the deep line forming between my brows will stop where it's at.

3. Don't let any more of the houseplants die.

4. Take better care of the bird, it's getting expensive to replace and as the children have gotten older I don't think they believe the changing feather colors being a normal thing.

5. Spend a couple of hours ALONE during the week.

Okay, that's five. You notice there's nothing about weight or family matters or anything like that. I've learned better.

Dec. 29th, 2007


Winter setting in...

I'm freezing. The cold has never bothered me until this winter. Now my hands stay cold and stiff all the time. At least there's no snow. Every now and then is okay but I wouldn't want it all the time.

Took the kids to see Alvin & the Chipmunks. I'd dreaded it but it really wasn't too bad and the time passed quickly. I never got to see The Mist. We watched Shrek the Third and Die Hard 4. We also got Ratatouie (That's probably not spelled correctly) but I haven't watched it yet. I received a few books for Christmas from those who understand how dear they are to me. Both Supernatural paperbacks!

Let's see, I watched Moonlight last night, love that show but it was a rerun. Tried to watch something else but fell asleep. Then after I got myself into bed I dreamed crazy stuff all night including something about an old flame and I hope I didn't talk in my sleep because it was a VERY pleasant dream but I don't think my husband would understand.

Could my life be any more humdrum? LOL.

Dec. 6th, 2007


Help...I'm all tired out

I am so wiped out, been sick with something and had back to back work and practices and Christmas activities and house painting and visitors and half my stupid Christmas lights I put out won't stay on and the cat looks like she's pregnant again and I'm already sick of the cold and winter's not good started yet.

I want to go see The Mist. I remember reading this years ago. It's by Stephen King and was a short story I think, back in the 80's. But it was unsettling and my imagination caused me to have quite a few unsettling "what if" thoughts. I've bought At World's End and Wrong Turn 2. Haven't watched either yet. I saw the first and know I love it and the second I have my fingers crossed about. I saw the first Wrong Turn with a friend and we still joke about it so I hope the second movie's not too bad.

Aug. 13th, 2007


New community...

Check out this new place if you like Jacen and Anakin or the Legacy of the Force series:


It looks like it's just getting started but could get interesting.

Aug. 12th, 2007


Revelation...come see...

Oh my, my heart's still thumping. LOOK at this picture of the new Revelation cover!!!!


Look at that face! If he looks like that all the time, they'll no doubt know what he is now. Of course, maybe he can still look all harmless like Palpatine once did when he wants to.

August 28th needs to hurry up.

Aug. 9th, 2007


Supernatural rerun...spoilery if you haven't seen it...

Awwwwwww...Sammy. You do tears so beautifully. Here I sat down to watch Supernatural, thinking for some reason it's the movie-making one but no it's that tear-jerker with Madison the werewolf. Poor Sam, well at least he got laid. I'm not nearly as jealous over him as I am Dean. Dean did some nice angsty looks too. Hugs anyone? Of course, we didn't see Madison's dead body either and don't know if Dean looked, so...And do the guys NEVER wear gloves??? They've left their wanted fingerprints all over half the US by now.

Aug. 1st, 2007


Star Trek...not understanding...

Ok, so apparently it's been TOOOOOO long since I read Star Trek cause I don't speak the language anymore. I've been trying for the last week to read Star Trek Vulcan's Soul Book 1 Exodus by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz. I'll read a couple of pages, put it down, pick it up and stare at Spock, remind myself that Spock is my most favorite character...but something's not working.

Jul. 22nd, 2007


Fury cover...

Now exactly who is Ben Skywalker supposed to look like? And who squished the sides of his head in? Heeeyy...is that Anakin Skywalker's pouty lips I see? But those gigantic eyebrows...and I thought his hair was reddish???


Jul. 4th, 2007


Happy 4th...

We're all going to my mother's for dinner later today, my brother-in-law called and said he's currently BBQing in the rain. Hee. Better him than me. Let's see...I'm to bring a salad, not potato, and desert. My cheesecake has been requested but I'm not sure I've all the ingredients...

Have I written anything lately. Nope. My inspiration has dried up. Well, no not really but I still can't seem to get anything readable written.

Jun. 15th, 2007


(no subject)

Well...I just thought I'd have some time off this summer didn't I. I don't call double duty "time off" do you? The trip to Gulf Shores has been officially cancelled until further notice. I'm not too traumatized I guess, at least my thunder thighs aren't. I bet that water would feel good though...

May. 30th, 2007


Hectic day...

My poor cat. He is currently residing at the vet's until 10:00 in the morning. I'm afraid his courting days are over. Hope he's not too traumatized. I called asking about him late this evening. I was getting nervous thinking about him being anesthetized (that can't be spelled correctly) and not waking back up or having a bad reaction or the vet finding something bad wrong with him. But they said he was fine, already in recovery and awake and being treated for ear mites. Must have been a gift from his admirers he's been running with the past couple of weeks.

Bought groceries, tried to be thrifty but the cash register didn't agree. Every time I shop I try to leave off more and more but the price never goes down.

I really dislike my boss. I went in today, my day off mind you, to do my time sheet so I wouldn't inconvenience anybody. The woman looked at me like she'd never seen me before and then scrutinized my papers like she'd thought she'd find some hidden message. And then of course I thought everybody else was looking at me funny so I was paranoid the rest of the day.

Apr. 2nd, 2007


Trying to write...

I think I have writer's block...it's swirling around in my head but won't come out my fingers. I'm trying to polish up the next chapter of The Request. Why, I don't know sometimes...I don't think it scored a hit with anyone. But...I like it so I'll keep on. I took some parts out but they'll be in the story later. I think I was rushing some things too much and the story didn't sound as smooth as it should.

What do you think Obi-Wan thought about all those years he was isolated on Tatooine? He...meditated...studied the Force. He must have slacked off on the lightsaber practice though cause he made a sorry showing against Vader. Of course, to be fair, Vader wasn't too spry either. Now sensibly we all know that because of when the movies were made...but if we're pretending they're real...Kenobi and Vader had both lost their ooomph with the lightsabers.

I got the impression that Obi-Wan also didn't have a lot of contact with Luke and the Lars family. Right? In A New Hope, Luke knew who Ben was, recognized him, but didn't seem to actually know him. And did anyone ever give a good explanation of Ben's seeming ignorance of R2D2? We all saw how much he bitched about the droid in ROTS. Even though it had been years...still...wouldn't he have been astonished at R2, and 3PO also, just suddenly showing up together and in Luke's company and bearing a nice little holo-whatever-it's-called of Leia?

There may be suitable answers to these questions somewhere but I'm too lazy to look.

Apr. 1st, 2007


Called my brother...looking for Tanith Lee story...

I was in a nice, calm, forgiving, mellow mood tonight so I called my brother. It was...okay. I felt like I'd run a marathon after it was over with...the strain of trying to be nice and stay on safe subjects almost did me in. Thank God that's over with for a while. Said he was coming for a short visit in May...maybe.

I read a Tanith Lee book when I was a teenager and now I can't remember the name of it. I'm not a big fan of her books but I did like this story. One guy was a minstrel...I think...and the other a ghost hunter, dressed in black and with a bad leg. I'M GOING INSANE TRYING TO REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED AND WHAT THE CHARACTERS' NAMES WERE. I guess if I were a more intelligent person, I'd do a search and find it.

Mar. 22nd, 2007


Supernatural boys...

Oh, my poor little Sammy. Tears and Kleenex all around. Found a girlfriend and couldn't keep her. NOW TAKE A LITTLE COMFORT FROM DEAN BEFORE WE ALL GO INSANE FROM THE SLASHY THOUGHTS RUNNING AROUND OUR HEADS.

Feb. 25th, 2007


Sickly musings with mild BSG spoilers thrown in...

I hate being sick. The coughing and sneezing and dripping and nothing tastes right but that doesn't mean I've lost my appetite. I sniffled through church and then smothered the last ten minutes before getting back to the car and the nose spray. Ugh.

Get home and the dryer doesn't want to dry. It turned out to be the vent thing stopped up outside but it was a headache I didn't need.

I drug myself back to church tonight but it was thankfully short and sweet, God does see all and I'm sure he didn't want everyone disturbed by the wracking cough that was building up in my chest so he hurried the paster up.

Then I finally settled in to watch a very disturbing Battlestar Galactica with Adama and Roslin...NO! I'm still not an Adama/Roslin shipper, they're squicky...sipping wine in comfort while hundreds of workers labor in horrible and unsafe conditions. Adama lost many, many points with me with this show.

Feb. 22nd, 2007


A night with a tedious CSI but rewarded with a hot little ending...

Usually I can't complain about CSI. Except for my ongoing frustration with Grissom/Sara, I usually enjoy most aspects of the show. But the one tonight...one of those cheerleader/football player stories and a teacher who likes younger kids (and I don't mean likes in a good way).

More...Collapse )

Feb. 20th, 2007


Day off, day off, day off...finally.

I'm off today. NO WORK!!! It's Fat Tuesday and a lot of people here don't have to work today. Including lucky me!

Now...what do I do? Looking around my place here I would say cleaning should be top on the list. Hmmmmm. It would be nice to have everything spotless and organized again. I just rest better when everything's like it should be. I'll think about it.

There's nowhere I really have to go except maybe to pick up some pictures I was having developed. I'm a year and a half behind in getting my pictures in my photo albums and on disks. How I got that behind I don't understand.

It's warmer out. I let the cat out about half an hour ago and it was almost warm. Seems strange. Yesterday I was getting ice off my car before work. Now it's supposed to be over 70 today. I have to find something to do outside if it's going to be that nice.

Feb. 15th, 2007


I am so confused...put me out of my misery

I taped Lost this time around cause I was tired of missing it all the time, but Lost, you have me so confused! Desmond was the star of this show. Lots of confusing things in the beginning of the show, I wasn't sure what was present or flashbacks or futurebacks or whatever. But then they were back on the beach which was a relief this time. Familiarity is comfortable.:)

Possible spoilers if I can figure out what's going on...Collapse )
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Feb. 12th, 2007


Missed it again...it's not meant to be

I missed Battlestar Galactica for the fiftieth time in a row it seems. Maybe it's a sign that the show is just not for me. oh, well, doesn't it rerun sometime later in the week?

Feb. 9th, 2007


Another celebrity death...

It's all over the news that Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday but they're being vague about the exact cause of death so far. And she was fairly young wasn't she. I wonder what happened.

Men in Trees is on tonight. One of my co-workers says it's a great show so I'll try to remember to check it out.

Ohhhhh....let's go home already, I donn't want to be here today...

Feb. 8th, 2007


The Request, Part 1, Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rated G

Title: The Request, Part 1
Fandom: Star Wars
Author: jacens_heart
Beta: None
Rating: Rated G
Characters: Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, Camli Sashr
Timeline: Between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.
Word Count: 1610
Disclaimers: Star Wars does not belong to me and neither does the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Summary: On Tatooine, Obi-Wan Kenobi has an unexpected visitor who asks to be taught "magic."

The Request, Part 1Collapse )

This was originally suppose to be a one-shot but kind of evolved into something a little longer.

Feb. 7th, 2007


Why is it already morning?

I am still so tired this morning. I don't have trouble going to sleep at night but trouble staying asleep. Sometimes I wake up every hour all night. Right now I should be getting dressed for work but I'm sitting here trying to wake myself up with a little more caffeine.

At least it's not too cold out today and I won't have to wear my heavy coat. I'm ready for spring! There are birds all over my front yard every day. The feeder I had last year got taken down and the hanger lost. So I'll either have to rig up something or buy a new one.

Are there any Closer fans out there? I watched both shows that were on last night. I need to get the first season's DVD set, I know I missed some of the episodes. I think Lost is back on tonight and at a new time, better for me anyway as I have a study group sometimes at 7:00 on Wednesdays. I didn't see all of last season's shows and then missed some of the last ones too.

I suppose I should get dressed for work now. Let's see...black pants with the white top? Kinda drab. Black pants with the black and white and tan flowered thing, the one my sister says is a bit loud? Hmmmm. Black pants with a black top? Wore the leopard print thing yesterday so that's out for a while. Can you tell my best pair of pants are black? Need a new wardrobe.

Feb. 6th, 2007


Can't find my books.

I have looked EVERYWHERE for my Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi books. I CAN'T FIND THEM. I had a hardcover of all of them plus a battered old paperback of Star Wars that I'd got in a school book order eons ago. The only person who would have an interest in them would be my sticky-fingered brother who's always been too cheap to buy his own. I have no clue how long they've even been gone. I have most of my SW books in a shelf together but never added these, just assumed they were still in boxes in the closet or behind other books in the other shelves. But they're nowhere.

Anyway...I had really wanted the Star Wars book, yeah I know it's suppose to be A New Hope but I'm old enough that I remember when it wasn't. I just had an urge to re-read it, especially the Tatooine part, to kind of get a feeling for how it was there so that my new story about Obi-Wan doesn't sound completely wrong.

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